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Coming in 2018:

I've Got Eyes!: Exceptional Eyes of the Animal World (Ill. Hannah Tolson). Amicus Ink, USA, August 2018
My Australia- cover
My Australia  (Ill. Garry Fleming). National Library of Australia Publishing, April, 2018 

Published books:

Cover - I've Got Feet!

I've Got Feet! Fantastical Feet of the Animal World (Ill. Hannah Tolson). Amicus Ink, USA, 2017
Hardcover - ISBN 10: 1681521954; ISBN 13: 9781681521954
Animals around the world describe unique features of their feet and how they use them. From webbed feet to sticky feet, hooved feet to bright blue feet, young readers are introduced to animal adaptions in this nonfiction picture book.


"A gamboling gallery of animal feet in action" - Kirkus
"...the perfect preschool introduction to zoology" - Kids' Book Review

"...a title that will encourage young children to look at animals in new ways" - Through The Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews
a terrific nonfiction book for the primary set- engaging pictures, not too long, interesting information…" - Carol's Corner (http://carolwscorner.blogspot.com.au/)

Free-to-downoad Teacher's Guide

Nominated for CYBILS 2017 Award for Elementary-MG Nonfiction.

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Gilly's Treasures: Sweetwater Press, Cedar Fort, Inc. 2016


"Kids will fall in love with Gilly in this fun and exciting story." (5/5 stars) Kaye Baillie, October 20, 2016. Amazon.com

"This is a delightfully written book for preschoolers." (5/5 stars) Nancy Clemmer, November 2, 2016. Amazon.com

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cover - coral reefs matter

Coral Reefs Matter - (Bioindicator series) 2016. ABDO Publishing; Core Library, USA

ISBN 9781680780093 (Library binding); 9781680772265 (eBook)

What can we learn about the health of an ecosystem through coral reefs? This title takes readers into our warming oceans to learn why and how coral reefs are hurting, and why it's a larger issue for the thousands of animals and humans who depend on its resources.

For readers in Grades 3 - 6.

Series review: "Good introductions to a current and relevant topic" - School Library Journal.

Cover- That's Wild!

That's Wild! - (Bite-sized articles for critter-crazy kids) 2015.

No longer available - may be re-released in the future.
e-book - available in epub or mobi formats - ISBN 978-0-9943316-0-1

There’s a big, wild world out there, and this collection of short articles about animals introduces primary school-aged children to it in easy, “bite-sized” chunks.

Each article has a guide to indicate ease of reading (based on ATOS statistical scores). Activities, Fun Facts and internet links provide further opportunities for exploration, to inspire kids to further learning. It might just help busy parents and teachers too!

This book has something for everyone: from camouflage to communication, freaky behaviour to finding food, and seriously weird animal names to a wacky dating technique involving the colour blue. We’ve got wildlife, pets, farm animals and zoos covered. So what are you waiting for? Wriggle, dig, fly, crawl or dive in and go wild!

Aussie-centric content especially for Aussie school kids.

environments cover

Environments and Responsibility - (Discovering Geography series) (with co-author, Sarah Russell) 2015. Pearson Australia

ISBN 9781486015726, ISBN 10  1486015727

This series won an Australian Geography Teachers Association Award (AGTA), Primary resource (F-6) section, 2014

and an Education Publishing Australia Award, Primary student resource - Arts/Science/Humanities section, 2015
Anglerfish cover
Anglerfish (Strange Sea Creatures; Exploring our Oceans series) 2015 Ann Arbor, Mich. : Cherry Lake Publishing, USA. Hard cover ISBNs: 9781631880247, 1631880241; Paperback ISBNs: 9781631880674 1631880675

Whale Sharks Cover

Whale Sharks (Exploring our Oceans series) 2014 Ann Arbor, Mich. : Cherry Lake Publishing, USA - ISBN  9781624314117 (hardcover), 9781624314872 (pbk.), 9781624314490 (pdf), 9781624315251 (ebook)


Whose Baby Is This? (A+ Books - Nature Starts series) 2012 Capstone Press, USA - ISBN  9781429675536 (library binding),   9781429678537 (paperback)

Whose Home Is This? (A+ Books - Nature Starts series) 2012 Capstone Press, USA - ISBN 9781429675550 (library binding),   9781429678551 (paperback)

Reviews -
Science Books & Films - Halonna Kelly, The Weinberg Group, Washington, DC
"STAR REVIEW! ...easily read and understood ...most useful for readers in grades 1 and 2. The vocabulary is not too advanced and the pictures are interesting enough to hold the reader’s attention.
October 1, 2012"

Wendie's Wanderings blog - Wendie
"...can be enjoyed by first and second graders, as well as introduced to preschoolers. "
May 7, 2012

desert animal adaptations cover
Desert Animal Adaptations (A+ Books - Amazing Animal Adaptations series) 2011 Capstone Press - ISBN  9781429660303 (library binding),  9781429670258 (paperback), CIL Interactive eBook (2012) ISBN 9781476503431 / 1-4765-0343-5
A. Little - Great! May 1, 2013 (5 stars out of 5)
As a teacher that is working on a unit on animal adaptions this is a must...The text is easy to read for my 2nd graders, but still higher level thinking. I would recommend this for all!

W.C.- Excellent! June 7, 2014 (5 stars out of 5)
Excellently written, simple format but informative. My first graders loved them as we studied animal adaptations in different habitats.

Age appropriate...and very interesting! May 26, 2014 (5 stars out of 5)
By Susan Spitler
The book is well written and the photos are fun for young readers to enjoy. This is a great addition to our Desert Biome book collection.
"Recommended." - Library Media Connection. March 1, 2012

ocean adaptations cover

Ocean Animal Adaptations (
A+ Books - Amazing Animal Adaptations series), released 2011, published 2012 Capstone PressISBN   9781429660297 (library binding),   9781429670296 (paperback), CIL Interactive eBook (2012) ISBN 9781476503424 / 1-4765-0342-7
Recommended text for New York State's Core ELA Curriculum, 2014

A. Little  (Amazon User Review)
Wonderful! May 1, 2013 (5 stars out of 5 )
As a teacher that is working on a unit on animal adaptions this is a must. The pictures are stunning and visually pleasing. The text is easy to read for my 2nd graders, but still higher level thinking. I would recommend this for all!

Great Barrier Reef Under Threat cover

Great Barrier Reef Under Threat (What's the Issue? series 2) 2011 Macmillan Australia - hard cover,  ISBN: 9781420282375
Out of print.
* Certificate of Commendation (Children's Series), Whitley Awards 2011, Royal Zoological Society of NSW
* Shortlist, Environment Award for Children's Literature 2012, Wilderness Society
Great Barrier Reef Under Threat
provides an informed, unbiased review of one of Australia's most topical environmental issues.
Special features:
• Complex issues written clearly and simply, without bias or prejudice
• Small chunks of text makes information accessible to a wide range of student abilities
• Variety of text features: fast facts, quotes, pie charts, tables, graphs, diagrams
• Integrated thinking prompts encourage reader reflection

arachnids cover Weird, Wild and Wonderful Arachnids
(2010) Gareth Stevens Publishing, NY, USA - library binding, ISBN
e book ISBN 9781433949159

(2008) Blake Education, NSW, Australia - soft cover, ISBN 978-1-921255-24-3
sea birds cover Weird, Wild and Wonderful Sea Birds
(2010) Gareth Stevens Publishing, NY, USA - library binding, ISBN 9781433935794
 e book ISBN 9781433949241

(2008) Blake Education, NSW, Australia - soft cover, ISBN 
teacher guide cover Weird, Wild and Wonderful Teaching Guide (2008) Blake Education, NSW, Australia. ISBN 978-921255-35-9 

    Nutrition cover - Blake Education

Nutrition Across a Lifetime (2008). Blake Education, NSW, Australia. ISBN 978-1-74164-363-3