olatagaTalofa lava ,
Thank you again to talk to our readers about a topic dear and serious to my heart .
Diabetes , diabetes , diabetes .
It is now a world wide epidemic and growing in the world – both rich and developing countries.
It is now one of the major health concerns according to the World health organization to get world leaders to now work to find ways to identify early diagnosis of Diabetes . All leading countries in the world are nowing making it a major problem as it is costing the health dollar a lot .

It is easy to see the risks factors , they are univerisal.
But to samoans – we are becoming very much as risk due to – afew more factors
1. Poor health and food choices
2. Little knowledge and medical awareness of the signs of diabetes
3. Women – especially after the babies – unable to lose weight
4. Men – lack of awareness , or time poor
5. Language problems
6. Poor understanding of the medications and confusion on how and when to take medications
7. Little or no time to have a health check
8. Stress of the faalavelaves- financial and social burden.
Type 2 – adult onset / non- insulin dependant Diabetes – most common type of diabetes


Other types
Type 1 – Insulin dependant – affects more children
Gestational Diabetes – or Pregnancy related Diabetes.
As a young doctor , working in NZ , I was exposed to some of the worse complications due to Diabetes .
Diabetic foot – damage to the small blood vessels affects the nerve supplies and sensation is damaged. There fore very easy to get a skin and foot infection.
As a General practitioner – in yagoona /Bankstown – I see many patients with complications due to Obesity.

We need to fight against Diabetes before it beats us !

We all know of a loved who has Diabetes, an aunt , uncle or brother, sister or parents. Let us look at what we should do as a community , and a family to try to understand our loved ones with early or complications of Diabetes.
We need to ask questions and try to see the Doctor to easily treat and identify our health problems .
Knowledge is the key and sound education from your GP or other health professionals such as Dietians, and Diabetes nurses and specialist.
Please talk to us about ways we can help you to understand your diabetes and help you live a long and happy life .