Editor’s Note – JULY


editorDear Readers
We hope you are having a great time reading our 4th issue of Australia Samoa Newspaper (ASN). The month of May has truly been an interesting month.
Brexit! Britain exiting from the European Union (EU) after being a member for over 40 years,
certainly was breaking news. How does that affect Australia, you might ask? Well according to published opinions from the financial gurus at the Big Banks, not much, as Australia is apparently holding up well financially. Other economic analysts are saying otherwise. Speculations are high, but at ASN, we would like to caution everyone to do whatever they legally can to secure their wealth, as times could very well become tough. We hope that won’t be the case for all of us, as a downturn in the economy can have a big impact in our standard of living and our ability to help others in our family here and abroad. BUT we cannot rule out that a recession is not imminent. If Australia avoids a recession like it apparently has the last couple of times, then we hope we will come out alright.
Another issue that’s been the centre of conversations here and there recently is Suicide. We have chosen to “talk” about this issue to show it is not a taboo subject. Talking about suicide in the context of how to prevent it, or how to identify it, is healthy. We urge our readers to look at this issue with an open mind and encourage you to write in and tell us how you have helped someone who was suicidal. You don’t have to name the person – not at all.
One rhetorical question one person said to me very recently was “How did I not see that my friend was having a problem that caused him to commit suicide?”. Well, one thing I know, is that if we do not talk about the issue, and share information about prevention, or look into the works done by Beyond Blue or Faataua Le Ola (FLO) or organizations as such, then we will always be oblivious to someone’s sufferings and not recognize it if one becomes suicidal.
What other pressing issues do you wish for us to investigate and offer information on?
Winter certainly has made itself felt this last month of June, and our household has certainly had its fair share of cold and flu medicine. Vicks was a constant, being applied to the soles of the feet, as well as a few Cold and Flu tablets, and Buffers for the kids. I hope you have been faring well so far this winter, and don’t forget to visit your GP as soon as you feel the signs of the flu coming on.