Editor’s Note – JUNE


editorDear Readers
Welcome to Australia Samoa Newspaper’s 3rd Issue. Although we have had continuous rain and flooding in a number of areas throughout Sydney and Brisbane in the first weekend of June, we are a resilient people and we carry on as per usual with the everyday grind for survival. There is no other way, right? Come rain or shine, we still must do what we have to do to pay the bills and put food on the table. Keep safe everyone, as we head towards a tough winter!
We take this opportunity to wish everyone a great Samoa Independence Day celebration this weekend, as well as a safe and peaceful Queen’s Birthday long weekend.
Hard to believe that its been 54 years, that is over 5 decades ago, since our small island paradise of Samoa became independent from foreign rule. Let us hope and pray that Samoa will continue to exist peacefully and safely in more decades to come, and not be adversely affected by rising sea levels, and all other natural disasters. It is good that such issues are highlighted for a better understanding on how we could also help in reducing emissions, waste, and the like.
Wishing everyone a safe Independence Day weekend, and thank you very much for your support of Australia Samoa Newspaper.
Here, we also invite any readers with a unique, inspirational and motivational story. We will contact you back, should your story be published in our upcoming issues.
Maiava Tricia Brunt (Australia Samoa Newspaper Editor)
MBA (International HRM), Bachelor of Business (Business Mgmt/HRM)