Editor’s Note – MAY


editorDear Readers
It is a pleasure to welcome you all to Australia Samoa Newspaper’s 2nd Issue. Thank you to those that got to explore the uniqueness of our 1st issue last month. Remember, our newspaper is published monthly. We would like to especially express our thanks to those that took the time to call or message in, encouraging and positive feedback. Our team of passionate writers will continue to explore issues that matter to our daily lives, and share their experiences or learned knowledge, in the hope that it will continue to ignite those light bulbs of ideas in each of us, as well as to inspire and entertain you all. Don’t forget to look out for our next month’s Issue 3.
As we continue to enjoy the crispy autumn breeze, let us not forget our upcoming celebration of our Mother’s on the 8th May. If you don’t want an islander mother’s reaction when her special day is forgotten, then make sure you do not forget to at least embrace that special woman, and let her know you care. Joke’s aside, we know that on this day, all mothers’ selflessness, are highlighted through parties, feasting and gift giving. Every day is a Mother’s Day, but on this particular day, if you are not able to buy a ready-made gift, then do not despair. Make one from scratch. If the special mum you have is resting in peace, then remember to offer a mass on your Sabbath day or prayers for her soul, if you don’t already do that every single day. That would be the most important gift you can offer the living and those who have gone to eternal life.
The all-encompassing definition of a Mother that I like is the one that states “A woman who
conceives, gives birth to, OR raises and nurtures a child. A female parent…” Even if you did not conceive or give birth to a child, you are still a mother if you raised or nurtured a child and become a guardian for that child or children. In our Samoan culture, even young ladies in their teens execute the chores of an effective mother with ease. They feed, babysit, take the young siblings for walks, cook, clean, and wash for their siblings to help their own mothers. Hats off to all young Pacific Island ladies/teens/adolescents who have been groomed to become great mothers from such a young age.
If you are time poor or short of cash, and have a flair for poetry writing, you can perhaps write a poem from the heart, then using an old but beautiful photo frame, frame the poem in it, before wrapping and presenting same to mum. That is just one idea to explore. You don’t have to have money to show your appreciation of your mum. A hug and a kiss is all that those beautiful mothers want, then make sure you do that every day too, not just on the official Mother’s Day date .
For your information, there are a number of events happening in Samoa as well, if you’re heading to paradise next month. When the fa’alavelaves are done, perhaps you would like to enjoy, if not join, the Five Islands swimming marathon from the 11th May, the Samoa Independence International 7’s from 27th May, or even the exciting Samoa Swim festival in Savaii on 26th May. Find out more on those events by visiting http://www.samoa.travel/events/
In any case, we hope you all had a wonderful celebration of the memories of those that perished in war to keep Australia and New Zealand protected – ANZAC Day – last Monday. We also would like to wish all the Mothers of the Pacific, all Mother’s reading and supporting our newspaper, and all the Mothers in the World, a very blessed and peaceful Mother’s Day celebration.
Maiava Tricia Brunt (Australia Samoa Newspaper Editor)
MBA (International HRM), Bachelor of Business (Business Mgmt/HRM)