Editor’s Note – NOVEMBER


Welcome to November everyone, and welcome to yet another issue of your favourite Australia Samoa newspaper. Christmas sure is just around the corner and as usual, everyone would be snowed under with long “TO DO” lists, like buying presents, sending or shipping presents to families overseas. Making travel arrangements. Shopping for the household. Pay bills, and stocking up for a scrumptious Christmas feast with loved ones. It is indeed a hectic month.
If you are travelling overseas, don’t underestimate the value of travel insurance. It is one of those expenses that is dreaded in the beginning when you are trying to keep to budget, but is one that when something happens to your health while abroad, you will be thankful you paid that little bit extra to have insurance.
I remember ending up in hospital in Vietnam the last time I was there. Now every other year and every single trip, I always had travel insurance paid. It appeared to be a sunk cost every time because nothing ever happened during those many trips overseas. However on this one particular trip, although I was always careful with everything I ate, somehow somewhere I managed to get food poison, and my condition was so severe that my sister-in-law who I was traveling with, had to contact our travel insurance. That should be your first point of contact. The insurance company then directed us to a specific private hospital which they had already contacted ahead. The experience of hospitals overseas was quite pleasant. The hospital itself was state of the art, and I was whisked through to the first available doctor almost immediately after I arrived there.
The reality is, if it wasn’t for that travel insurance policy I paid for, I would have ended up in the Vietnamese public hospital, probably with long waiting lists, and certainly would not have looked like this state of the art private hospital with no crowds, clean sheets and shiny clean floors. If I needed to be medically evacuated from there, without insurance, things would have been a lot more complicated and extremely expensive.
Someone said, “but it is only the islands, nothing will happen and besides, I can afford to come back on my own”. What if you had to be flown over unconscious for medical attention? How are your family members going to cope with the medical bills? They would have to worry about their own travel expenses, let alone your medical expenses. What if? So eliminate the ‘what if’ and ensure you by a travel insurance policy if going overseas, so you can have peace of mind that you and your family will not be financially inconvenienced when something out of the ordinary happens. Have a blessed November to all!