Focusing On Positive Thinking


editorIt is with great pleasure, on behalf of the Australia Samoa News team, that I welcome you all to our first issue for 2016! We hope you have had a fantastic start to the new year!
Australia Samoa Newspaper’s objective is to be the best bilingual newspaper for Samoans that will not only be filled with useful information for all, but also be filled with inspirational stories – stories not only about Samoans in Australia, but those around the globe, with their stories that could touch ones heart and be an inspiration to many. Stories that would encourage others to be excited about achieving greater things, about staying positive, and be supportive of one another so we all can rise from whatever humbling situation we are facing each day. We also want our readers to be challenged by our brain-teaser exercises that we will include in our Issues. At Australia Samoa News, we hope our readers will be WELL INFORMED, BE INSPIRED, BE KEPT EXCITED AND ENTERTAINED, STAY POSITIVE, BE SPIRITUALLY GUIDED regardless of our respective denominations, and be prepared to CELEBRATE EACH OTHER’S ACHIEVEMENTS, to name a few.
In our culturally diversified environments within Australia, we are constantly exposed to our
neighbours’ way of life. We can either learn from each other, by choosing to adopt positive ways that could only help improve our way of thinking and the welfare of our families, or we can continue to prod along our merry ways being stubborn and be limited in our opportunities and existence in this “land of plenty”. Which path should we choose?
As I am sure you will agree, great things happen only to those with positive minds and attitudes. Regardless of whatever happens in life, if one has a positive attitude, a solution will always be realised, and the outcome will always be appreciated, and lessons learned are thus welcomed and used as stepping stones in one’s life.
I, as are all of you, I’m sure, am always proud to hear of my Samoan people’s positive stories and stories from people like you and me around the Pacific – of how they beat the odds and come out on top or just merely survive. This is because success is only the outcome of hard work, sacrifice, dedication, persistence, a lot of prayers, and a lot of pain. Success comes at a price. Therefore, when one succeeds or achieves in an honest and humbling way, the accolades that come with, are all well deserving, and highly deserves acknowledgment. We have seen Samoan descendants strive for success in businesses, sports, academics, and in various career paths. One of my trips to Tonga last year, I learned of some Samoans that were lawyers and doctors in Tonga. Well, wasn’t that great news to the ears! Sadly, most achievers are rarely acknowledged, with others’ stories being
suppressed. Why? That is the great thing about social media – we are learning more and hearing stories faster now than we did before. We hear of so many high achieving Samoans everywhere now.
We hope our newspaper will INSPIRE our youth as well, to use wisely the opportunities open to us within Australia. To ensure that we keep in contact with each other’s progress so our children and our children’s children will read and be inspired to achieve great things, to make all Samoans all over the world, proud. We are far from the motherland physically, but our minds and hearts are never far from endearing thoughts of home. We hope the younger generation will continue to keep with tradition and always look out for loved ones back home. One day when we’re older and the children are grown and do not need the adults to financially support them, perhaps you will return to paradise. If you have been neglecting the family that are keeping watch of the plantation, the land, the extended family, then your welcoming in paradise might not be one to look forward to, and you’ll be lucky if you get a ‘tough chicken broth’ waiting for you in a rundown faleo’o LOL.
In the past, we have seen great success stories from Samoans in all walks of life. Thanks to social media outlets, we are hearing more about so many individuals and how proud they have made us be Samoans. There have been some sad stories as well – such is life. Rather than looking at such with disgust and judgemental views, perhaps we can collectively concur that we should look at the positive side of such situations, and how we can all take a lesson from same and hope only the best for the victim(s) and cultprit(s) alike. As they say, “things happen for a reason”.
Let us take the literary meaning of the Samoan motto “Fa’avae i le Atua Samoa”, and apply the spiritual principals of such to our reading materials so we can LEARN and CELEBRATE from each other, rather than condemning one another. Everyone makes mistakes that we regret in life. The best ones, are the people that do not dwell on the mistakes, but take the lessons learned and achieve great things with such, and not repeat the mistake again. Isn’t that what we are supposed to be doing in life? Can we co-exist in such a world that seems so hard to please?
Welcome aboard and let us make Australia Samoa News your favourite media outlet in this
Maiava Tricia Brunt (Australia Samoa News Editor)
MBA (Int’l HRM), B.Bus (Business Mgmt/HRM)