Jarryd Hayne targeted in Gold Coast school presentation sabotage


Hayne was forced to offer an explanation after the lewd pictures appeared on a screen during a presentation on cyber security to Gold Coast schoolchildren on Monday.
It was a simple one: they were not his.
The images were beamed into an auditorium at Robina State High School as the recent Gold Coast Titans recruit showed some of the contents of his phone to more than 200 children.
He was giving the presentation on behalf of Norton Security, one of his sponsors.
A spokesman for the company later claimed an unknown person connected to the non-password protected Wi-Fi network to “inject unwanted materials” into Hayne’s presentation.
In the video, obtained by 7 News, the MC is overheard detailing what appears to be Norton software to the schoolchildren before the blunder.
“Jarryd, you’ve been doing some browsing I can see,” the MC says.
“Those images have popped up, so I can see everything that Jarryd is seeing on his device.
“If you browse something else, everything else will be updated as we go along.”
Soon after, the pornography appears.
For almost ten-seconds, Hayne stands on stage, eyes fixed towards the image until the power is turned off the big screen.
“OK, so I’m guessing someone joined the Wi-Fi network from their phone.
Hayne continues to appear nonplussed.
Norton spokesman Nick Savvides said the Wi-Fi network Hayne was using was not password protected, and an unknown person had used it to sabotage the presentation.
The NRL superstar was adamant the images did not belong to him.
“OK, so I’m guessing someone joined the Wi-Fi network from their phone,” a voice is heard at the end of the clip.
Hayne told reporters he was as shocked as anyone when images of lewd acts and a topless woman appeared on the screen.
“It was (awkward). I shut my phone straight away so that way I was logged off. Wow,” he said.
“You just hear more and more cases of people who have taken passwords or bank accounts.
“Everything’s online these days.
“You can pretty much do anything from any device across the world and I think safety is a huge key.
“I think safety is the first and foremost thing that is important.’’
Norton Security’s Nick Savvides said the images had come from another device that had entered the network.
“It’s unfortunate and all I can say (is) it definitely was not Jarryd’s device,” he said.
“Connecting to open networks, people can see what you’re doing and in this case, inject unwanted materials.”
It is not believed Hayne was due to give any further talks at other schools.
The demo has been shown before at a number of talks elsewhere without Hayne and Mr Savvides claimed such an issue had not arisen before.
He also said they would be unable to ascertain exactly whose device the website had come from.
In September, Hayne was caught on video appearing to give an accused Hells Angels bikie enforcer a $5000 wad of cash.
The Daily Telegraph obtained footage of the Titans star joy-riding around the Gold Coast with bikie and former Titans under-20 player Chris Bloomfield after his side’s loss to Brisbane on Friday night.
Hayne is now under investigation by the NRL Integrity Unit which has said it will look into his association with known and accused criminals.
He has been with the Gold Coast club for just three months, joining in early August after a failed attempt at an NFL career in America. http://www.news.com.au/