Miss Fa’afafine Australasia Queen – Pageant night


Le Miss Fa’afafine Australasia Queen is an initiative by the ‘Association Of Fa’afafine In Australia’ / ‘Asosi O Fa’afafine I Ausetalia,’ (AOFIA), formed by a small group of Fa’afafine and supporters here in Sydney Australia. The Pageant hosted and run under the La’u Samoa Council umbrella.

The following candidates are the newly elected AOFIA committee members by the ‘La’u Samoa Council Inc.’ executive committee:

Janice Fruean-Zimmerman Baice: Chairman / Director
Tammy Hatch: Media Manager / Sponsor Coordinator
Lynette Porter: Secretary / Officer Manager
Koko D’Vyne: Logistics Manager
Resitara Apa: Candidate Consultant & Liaison Manager
Teeto LC Tito : Entertainment Manager

Our purpose is to bring together all Fa’afafine to create and share ideas with the hope of raising awareness and understanding to educate ourselves and the public about issues affecting our community and how we can fully assimilate within society and the whole world without discrimination and prejudice.

This year’s pageant is open to all nationalities within Australia – as through sharing our culture, we can stand together in peace with pride. Our pageant ‘Theme’ for this year is: ‘Queen of Hope.’

Therefore, the following committee members for Le Miss Fa’afafine Australasia Queen 2016 will be the only ones who can relay and answer any questions that you may have. Our AOFIA team consists of both Fa’afafines and supporters of Fa’afafines rights.