Miss Samoa Contestant 2017


Contestant #1 : Miss Samoa NZ
Sponsor : Pacific Events and Entertainment Trust (NZ)
Full Name : Natalie Leitulagi Toevai
Age : 23
Village : Afega, Vailele, Vaisala
Education :
Holds a Bachelor of Arts – Anthropology & Pacific Studies (Honors), University of Auckland.
Comments :
“I am the eldest of two but was raised with my numerous cousins and Faasamoa was the crux of my upbringing with cultural traditions, values and beliefs providing a firm foundation of God at the forefront.
Dance is a great passion of mine, which was founded through my love for our siva samoa. I believe that dance is the true expression of what words cannot explain and therefore should be utilised and celebrated with pride, passion, purpose and empowerment.”
Occupation :
Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Auckland
Hobbies : Dance, Sport &Youth
Sponsor :
Warm Pacific Greetings! Our strength is unity in our diversity. Founded by the Matāfai family in 2013, The Pacific Events and Entertainment Trust was established to amalgamate the efforts of independent community groups and events that date back to 1977. Our vision is to be world leaders in serving our Pacific Community through events and entertainment. Our prime goal is to celebrate, educate and empower the Pacific community with excellence, passion and integrity. Our team is made up of over 20 community leaders and professionals with a combined experience of over 100 years in the industry. Our events and community groups involve and impact thousands domestically and internationally. We have a deep desire to advance Pacific achievements. We are community focused and next generation minded. Pacific Events and Entertainment Trust are excited to have celebrated 26 years of the Miss Samoa NZ competition.

Contestant #2 : Miss EMD
Sponsor : Events, Marketing & Distribution (EMD)
Full Name : Karameli Oriana Schuster
Age : 23
Village : Sinamoga, Fasitoo Uta, Salani Falealili, Saleimoa, ApiaEducation : Holds a Bachelor of Science, University of the South Pacific, Fiji
Comments :“I have lived in Samoa all my life, excluding the five years I lived in Suva, Fiji undertaking my bachelor studies. I joined the Titan Women’s Touch Club to develop my skills and knowledge of the sport. I am friendly, time-oriented, a team player and a fast learner. I also enjoy volunteering myself in activities to provide assistance. I am very excited and looking forward to what this journey will bring.“
Occupation : Technical Support – Tech for Samoa Water Authority (SWA
Hobbies : Touch Rugby, Reading, Fashion, Dancing & Listening to Music.
Sponsor :
Events Marketing and Distribution EMD is the first Marketing Firm in Samoa. Established in 2014, the company has branched out into Events Management & Distribution. Since EMD’s inception in 2014, the company has had a number of services on offer for various businesses, companies, Civil Society Organizations as well as the public sector. In particular EMD’s Customer Service Training has been well received widely by the Private Sector, it has also refined and introduced some innovative Marketing and Distribution services that were never in place before and MORE! Earlier this year, EMD has extended its services to some of the Government Corporations with the hope to eventually reach Government Ministries. EMD is a privately owned company that is committed to providing value-add services especially from a Marketing and Distribution perspective. EMD is the creator of LIFE-Con Explosion event and an Equal Employment Opportunity provider. EMD is the creator of LIFE-Con Explosion event and an Equal Employment Opportunity provider.

Contestant #3 : Miss Tahiano MaugaLui
Sponsor : Tahiano Perfect Fit & MaugaLui
Full Name : Luma’ava Ava Tuna Papalii Tautaloleua
Age : 21
Village : Palisi, Sapapalii, Faga, Papa Sataua, Salailua
Education :
Student studying a Bachelor of Education, National University of Samoa (2nd year)
Comments :
“I am from a family of five brothers and five sisters. I am a product of Apia Primary School, Leiififi College and currently studying at NUS.
I am a passionate, optimistic, dedicated young person who takes up responsibility with enthusiasm.”
Occupation :
Full time Student
Hobbies :
Netball, Touch Rugby, Reading & Singing.
Sponsor :
TAHIANO & MaugaLui newly established fashion labels in Samoa, both entering the fashion industry with an eye of Polynesian wear, incorporating metro and corporate threads.
TAHIANO & MaugaLui are forever researching fashion trends from Haute Couture to Corporate designs offering a new life of fashion right here in Samoa. Location Alafua, Vaimoso and Moamoa.

Contestant #4 : Miss TAPZ Fashion
Sponsor : TAPZ Fashion
Full Name : Naitosala Jane Schuster
Age : 24
Village :
Ululoloa Faleata, Saasaai-Savaii, Lotofaga & Safata
Education :
Leififi College, Avele College and Ashburton College
Comments :
“I was born and bred in Samoa until my family migrated to New Zealand. I am a determined, highly motivated, optimistic and a realist person. I cope well when the going gets tough and I am very good at finding solutions to problems. I am a positive, enthusiastic and relish a challenge. I am a fun, easy going & sociable person, I am a family person and enjoy spending time with my extended family.”
Occupation : Owner & Director of Golden Paws Company, Ashburton, NZ.
Hobbies : Reading, Business Networking, Volunteering.
Sponsor :
TAPZ fashion started in 2014, with a passion for Samoan fashion inspired by the puletasi, Tapaau decided to put her foot in the fashion industry, with two market stands at the Flea market. When the market got destroyed with an unexpected fire, TAPZ moved opposite Taufusi market to keep her dream shop in the spark. TAPZ is growing with 5 employees. Services provided : Designing & sewing, hand painting their own material, retail a variety of different outfits for all ocassions. TAPZ also have a market stand at Savalalo and retail all handicrafts and fashionable accessories. TAPZ simple motto is “Beauty is Our Passion”. The products at TAPZ are available online not only our Samoan community but to overseas buyers such as New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii and USA.

Contestant #5 : Miss Samoa NSW
Sponsor : Miss Samoa NSW (Sydney)
Full Name : Fasi Faitafa Talimatasi Liolevave
Age : 22
Village : Faleatiu, Vaimea, Fogapoa, Iva
Education :
Full-time Student, studying for a Bachelor of Nursing, University of Western Sydney. (second year)
Comments :
“Growing up in a strict and Christian Samoan family, it has taught me the importance of embracing my culture and understanding of the fa’asamoa way of life. I grew up in a traditional Samoan family where I was taught the importance of embracing our culture and understanding the fa’asamoa way of life. Being the eldest of 6 children, I was brought up in a Christian household with emphasis on the value of respect, discipline and humility. Health is my major passion and I hope to pursue a career in Nursing in the future. I strive to give back to the Samoan community the skills and knowledge I would gain. I am honoured and blessed to be part of the Miss Samoa 2017 pageant.”
Occupation : Full-time Student
Hobbies : Family, Kick boxing & Church
Sponsor :
Miss Samoa NSW is a Community Organisation in NSW, Australia, which caters to our Samoan
community. Whether that is in sporting events, church and/or cultural events, the Miss Samoa NSW Organisation aims to be present and supportive of all Samoans, in Sydney, Australia.
The organisation aims to promote and empower young individuals or Tamaitai Samoa of their potentials.

Contestant #6 : Miss Samoa Australia
Sponsor : Miss Samoa Australia Beauty Pageant (Brisbane)
Full Name : Hopelynn Aiesi Toloa
Age : 21
Village : Brisbane, Fasito’otai, Toamua
Full-time Student, pursuing a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts & Humanities, Australian Catholic University. (second year)
Comments :
“It has always been my dream to be in a beauty pageant or to be in some form of which I am able to represent my country, Samoa. It is still overwhelming that I’m now chosen to be the Miss Samoa Australia. I now look forward to the experience and many challenges I am going to face, but I know my good Lord will help me, I will do my best and He will do the rest.”
Occupation :
Customer Service, Woodridge News Agency.
Hobbies : Singing, Dancing, Reading, Sports

Contestant #7 : Miss Samoa Victoria Inc.
Sponsor : Victoria Samoa Advisory Council Inc.
Full Name : Adele Faaosofia
Age : 21
Village : Tiavea, Vaiee, Neiafu, Fagalii.
Education :
Holds a Victoria Certificate in Music Production, Keysborough Secondary College, Arcadia Campus, Melbourne Australia
Comments :
“I am one of six children, raised by pastoral parents within the Christian Faith. I own a business “Glamin with Adele – that provides make up services. My lifetime motto is to “Follow the call of God not the need of Man. I have a passion for living a Christian life in this time of world turbulence and supporting groups and activities that promote the preservation of the Environment as this is a gift from God.”
Occupation :
NAB Assistant Adviser, National Australian Bank
Singing, Hiking, Sight seeing, Travelling & Exploring.
Sponsor :
Victoria Samoa Advisory Council Inc.
Our Objectives:
– To Promote a Spirit of Unity and Solidarity among the Samoan Communities of Victoria
– To undertake all or any matters which are of common interest to Samoans in Victoria
– To act as a proper and effective channel of communication for Samoans in Victoria
– To help Samoans in Victoria in dealing with Federal and State Governments, Agencies and Public Organisations
– To examine problems affecting individual Samoans and the Samoan Community in order to find solutions for them.
Our Values: • Respect – Fa’aaloalo,• Love – Alofa,• Covenant – Feagaiga, Mavaega

Contestant #8 : Miss Original Style
Sponsor : Original Style
Full Name : Natasha Darryl
Age : 25
Village : Patamea, Matautu (Vaimauga)
Education :
Holds a Bachelor of Arts – Double Major Anthropology, Film & Media, Otago University, NZ
Currently part time student – Post Graduate Gender Sudies, University of South Pacific Alafua, final semester.
Comments :
“I am from a family of three and my mother is my role model that has contributed to my independence and passion for gender equality and human rights. I was born and raised in Samoa, and I enjoy meeting new people, learning different cultures & travelling. I am a member of the Apia Protestant Church. I love fashion and enjoy new experiences. I’m outgoing, I’m our family breadwinner, and I am always striving for the best.”
Occupation :
Senior Policy Analyst, Public Service Commission (PSC)
Hobbies :
Reading, Hanging out with friends, Exercising, Watching Movies, Listening to music.
Sponsor :
Original Style is located at Saleufi (opposite Mercys kiddies). Owned by Vaiala Matapoo the shop has been running for three years. Vaiala has been in the fashion industry in Samoa for over 15 years. He specialises in Fashion design, printing, sewing and provides services ranging from weddings, corporate uniforms, puletasis – all samoan style. Very original for any occasion.

Contestant # 9 : Miss House of Gold
Sponsor : House Of Gold
Full Name : Alexandra Iakopo
Age : 23
Village :
Sapapalii, Fusi Safotulafai, Moamoa
Holds a Bachelor of Arts, National University of Samoa
“I am a descendant of German, Tokelauan & Samoan ancestry, born to parents serving as Deacon for the Catholic Church. Born in Samoa, raised in Jamaica & USA, I have faced challenges that have strengthened my faith, eager to grow as an individual, serve and share my culture with the world, and contribute to the sustainable development of Samoa.”
Occupation :
Qualification Officer for Samoa Qualification Authority (SQA)
Reading, Arts and Crafts/Junk Sculptures, Entertainment, Music, Sports & Travelling.
House of Gold’ is branded an all in one location business offering products and services include:
– Micro finance (Cash 4 U) available at flexible interest to stretch your weekly budget for shopping and domestic needs until payday,
– Arrangement for your travel needs if you need to visit your families and friends overseas,
– Samoan-made gifts and handicrafts from local producers for overseas visitors and friends,
– Variety of tailor-made clothing for men, women children including dresses, puletasi, shirts
– Samoan made designed elei material in many colours and type produced by our local designers and artists for your own outfit, with the help of the Seamstress on spot,
– Lay by is also available to everyone,
House of Gold products and services are available to everyone at reasonable, affordable and negotiable prices. Come now to House of Gold located at the Chan Mow Supermarket and Departmental Store Building at Saleufi on the Ground Floor East side
Telephone: 20615 “Queen of everything”