21 October 2016, Dockside Pavilion, Darling Harbour

The Pacific Runway Fashion has officially secured partnership with representatives from Samoa, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji, Cook Islands and Tonga driving the event to a now international scale.
The international partnership, will gain the Pacific Runway Fashion brand the influence and recognition it desires to make a prominent mark on the Australian fashion scene, and beyond. The Pacific Runway Fashion Show has grown exponentially since its inaugural event just last year, with the involvement of more than 26 established and emerging designers in 2016.
A partnership with the Australian Museum will be launched Pre-Extravaganza at the Exclusive Welcome Sneak-Peek Reception for Designers. The Australian Museum is co-hosting within the honey-coloured sandstone 20 metres high walls to a glass roof of the Atrium and offering an in-house residency program for one of the designers in 2017.
An evening of fashion, culture and music will bring Sydney’s iconic Pavilion Dockside roaring to life on the evening of Friday 21st October, fundamentally to provide designers a prestigious platform to gain experience and exposure. It will feature local up and coming designers and models, and a host of international designers.
Failepou Peni, Owner of the major event sponsor LEPOU said, “Models from the Pacific and other ethnic minorities make up only 7% of the industry here, so they’re very under-represented. We hope to change that.”


VIP guests, media, and celebrities will be treated to a glitz and glamorous night of fashion, showcasing an array of couture in ready-to-wear, resort wear, swim wear and ethnic designs. Being the biggest island in the Pacific, Australia is the primary leader and vital catalyst for the Pacific’s progress in the fashion industry.
With over 35 years of experience in the industry, fashion designer Failepou Peni has been working behind the scenes to mentor and support the independent international platforms and fashion events in Samoa, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. She will soon fly to New Zealand for the Pacific Fusion Fashion Show, acting as a judge to select a designer to represent New Zealand in Sydney’s Pacific Runway Fashion Extravaganza.
Peni notes the particular significance of partnering with Papua New Guinea, describing it as a “booming” country – both culturally and in the context of fashion. Peni noted that the Papua New Guinean government have a desire to leverage its fashion culture to accelerate tourism there.
These newly established international partnerships increasingly strengthen audience’s awareness of exceptional designers and models from the Pacific, establishing their presence in an industry known to be dominated by European fashion and influence, both in Australia and the world at large.
As a faithful Christian, Failepou attributes all of her business successes to God – who she says has been responsible for “paving the way” to a successful 2016 event.
Tickets to the Pacific Runway Fashion show are selling now at with an expected capacity of over 500 attendees.

For Further Media Information Contact:
Elizabeth Pritchard
PRF 2016 Project Manager


The Pacific Runway Fashion 2016 is proud to engage with the Pacific Islands & Trade Invest, Natural Fiji, Australian Museum and Moana Gems who have made a commitment to supporting the Pacific fashion industry. The collaboration will contribute immensely to making a world class event that is enjoyable and productive for our guests.
The Pacific Trade Invest is the lead regional trade and investment promotion agency supporting emerging and established enterprises of the Pacific Islands. It helps create good jobs in the Pacific Islands through enhancing the competitiveness, value and promotion of Pacific companies across international markets. We encourage the greater participation of women in international trade and support their economic empowerment and this fashion extravaganza event is another of those platforms that gives them that opportunity.
Naturally Fiji- VIP guests will be pleasantly and naturally surprised with Naturally Fiji gifts bringing you the “essence of Fiji” sourced from the finest pure coconut oil and orchid extracts created with only one true objective. Pacific Runway Fashion is excited to be able to have Naturally Fiji’s luxurious products for the evening.
Moana Gems- Known worldwide as “Simple elegance and timeless beauty”, Moana Gems Pearl & Art Gallery has a long history in the Cook Islands black pearl industry. Pacific Runway Fashion is excited to have some of the Moana Gems timeless pieces exhibited on the evening. Precious Cook Islands black pearl accessories, fashioned with Cook Islands pearl shell components, will add a unique Cook Islands contemporary look to a unique Cook Islands fashion range – Inangaro by one of the emerging designers.
Australian Museum- On the eve of the Extravaganza, invited guests will be able to relax and network in an Exclusive Welcome Reception for the Designers, co-hosted by the Australia Museum. Guests will be greeted by Pacific warriors, treated to a Sneak-peek by established designers and taken on a tour of the Pacific Art Gallery.
An evening of fashion, culture and music will bring Sydney’s iconic Pavilion Dockside roaring to life on Friday where you will be mesmerized by the local up and coming designers, and a host of international designers.
Failepou Peni, Owner/ Director of the major event said, “The Pacific Runway Fashion is fundamentally to provide designers a prestigious platform to gain experience and exposure. However, we have realized along the way that it is also a wonderful opportunity to promote the established enterprise of the Pacific Islands with a focus on health and beauty products”.