PNG Dual citizenship Bill passed, important for country: Minister Pato


Papua New Guinea Parliament Thursday passed the Dual Citizenship Bill which will allow people with connections and interests in Papua New Guinea to hold two passports, or dual citizenship. Earlier this year, Parliament passed the Constitutional Amendment No.43 (Dual Citizenship) Law which was certified by the Speaker and gazetted. Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Rimbink Pato said in Parliament that the law was to enable dual citizenship under PNG law so that people with connections and interests to PNG may hold dual citizenship, that of PNG and another country such as Australia and New Zealand.

” Dual Citizenship would allow these people to return to PNG and remain in PNG and contribute to its development”, Pato said.
“Some of these people are without such connections presently but are genuinely desirous to live and contribute to the country when granted dual citizenship.
“The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill provides for the renunciation of foreign citizenship by persons under the age of 19 years who wish to renounce their foreign citizenship before they become 19 years of age,” he said. Pato said the new law makes provision for the various factors that would take into considerations when deliberating on the application for dual citizenship such as the likelihood of the applicant being granted dual citizenship by another country. Also, the applicant’s business interests in the other country, the applicant’s place of birth; his or her medical reasons; his or her religious reason; his or her educational and employment history.
“Those are factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to grant dual citizenship to a person who applies for such,” he said.
“The Bill reflects Papua New Guinea’s changing circumstances in an increasingly globalised world, and the need for Papua New Guineans to be part of the global community and for non-Papua New Guineans to be a part of the changing phases in the development of this country, granting to all these people the privilege of holding dual citizenship.”….PACNEWS