Taumesina Island Resort ; “…Heaven on Earth”


The Taumesina Island Resort is a “piece of Heaven on Earth,” says Prime Minister Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi at the soft opening event Friday evening.
“My earlier reference to a piece of Heaven and Earth is neither accidental nor coincidental, because it has taken more than 40 years to find a partner to develop this island,” the Prime Minister noted.
“We are thankful that Taumesina has finally found the right partner to restore her to her full beauty, as most of the people of these villages within her vicinity know of the legend of the beautiful lady.”
The resort represents a multi-million tala investment in the neighborhood of $120 plus million (US$60 million), partly funded by the Papua New Guinea Lamana Group.
And it is providing 180 full time workers and can accommodate 340 guests.
“Government will continue its role in searching out far-sighted investors,” the Prime Minister assured in his opening address noting that “Tourism’s impact on the economic and social development of our country is significant.
“This is seen in the sector’s ability to attract investment, and contribute to creating of jobs and the generation of foreign exchange.”
Elaborating on the impact of the investment to Samoa in his weekly press conference, Tuilaepa recalls that he has lost count on the number of times he has signed off on long term leases, government concessions and even initiate new laws amendment to accommodate overseas investors who promised to covert Taumesina Island into a four star resort.
“But our prayers have been answered and all the praise goes to the Lamana Group from Papua New Guinea, the genuine deal and investors who have made our dreams come true,” he said.
“The Lemana Taumesina Resort represents hundreds of jobs, fresh money injected into our economy not to mention our tourism revenues.
“Our small country is not immune to globalisation and we cannot afford to sit on the sidelines while other countries are capitalising on rewards from foreign investors,” added the government leader.
“Consider the collateral consequences on our country’s future generations if we fail to deliver by turning our backs to this economic investment.”