Why Samoan princess Metz ditched The Bachelor


A former Samoan beauty queen who dramatically walked out on Bachelor star Jordan
Mauger has revealed why she left the show.
Metz, whose real name is Metotisi Komiti-Faalavaau, ditched the TV3 romance reality show at the end of last night’s episode – but her reasons for leaving weren’t revealed.
But in an interview with the Herald today, Komiti-Faalavaau said she was still into Mauger and invited him to call her once the show was over.
She said the pair had a connection but she left because the show was too “intense”.
“It just got a bit intense under the circumstances … he’s an amazing guy, I would have loved to get to know him in the real world. I just thought it was my time to leave.”
The Miss Samoa 2011 winner said she was also missing her family.
Mauger was completely understanding and supportive about her decision. “He was really supportive. That’s what I like about him and I knew I could open up and tell him. He wished me well, I told him I’m going to plan his honeymoon in Samoa.”
She invited Mauger to get in touch if it didn’t work out with any of the other contestants on the show.
“I think we had chemistry, he laughed at my jokes … If it doesn’t work out with the winner maybe he’ll call me later.”
Last season, several contestants chose to leave after realising Art Green wasn’t the man for them.
The Bachelor, Jordan Mauger, was left to continue with the rose ceremony, giving his final rose to Sarah and sending home More FM Wild Card contestant Anna.
Metz had become a popular contestant on The Bachelor, and fans were sad to see her go.