Women and Babies


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What is a healthy baby, it also depends on the mother who is carrying the baby to full term delivery. Most babies are born at 38- 40 weeks
A Healthy baby will calm at your touch of their mother and at the sound of your voice.
• But what is an abnormal baby ?
• These are some signs .
• Unusually floppy or stiff body
• Arm or leg on one side is obviously different in muscle tone or power to the other
• Fingers are always held in a tight fist
• Not watching faces by two to three months
• Not moving to noise
• Difficulties with feeding beyond ‘normal’ range
• Long periods of crying and persistent difficulties with settling
• The child is exceptionally quiet and not moving .
• These are the signs – need to see the local doctor for a check up !! urgently
• Breast Milk
• Breast milk vs Formula
• Breast is best , free and has some antibodies from Mum
• However we sometimes change to formula milk if Baby is not putting on weight
• Or Mum is on some medications – antidepressants/ blood pressure medication – which can be transferred to the baby and have unwanted side effects.

Common baby skin problems
1. Jaundice – yellow skin in baby – due to born earlier than 37 weeks and liver not mature- may need referral for light therapy to the skin .
2. Cradle cap – rash like lesion mainly on on scalp – easily treated with vasaline and light steroid creams
3. Crying and poor sleep for both parents and baby – need to seek medical help early.

All these problems can be seen by the local doctor and sorted out to help both the parent and the new baby.

A Sick baby
• Fever
• Not feeding
• Constant sleeping
• Cough and breathing quickly
• Late for vaccines
• Urgent referral to hospital !!

Babies with rashes – very common to see the doctor.
We need to check the baby for their solids besides milk . We need to check for allergies , for dust and any animals in the house. Need to check for smokers and ask them not to smoke in the house or near the baby please .or
Australian Childhood vaccine schedule
Birth to 19 years
6-8 weeks
4 months
6 months
12 months
18 months
4 years
Year 7 HPV x3
Hep B booster
Boosterix – Whooping cough

These vaccines are compulsory and for all children living in Australia are free – from your GP clinic.
It is very important for all families who receive a pension/ benefit – these will be cut or payments stopped unless they are up to date.

Final words – Happy Mother , Happy Baby , Happy Family
1. Prepare for the new baby
2. Prepare the new mother
3. Prepare the family for the new baby
4. Get help and support early
5. Help baby to grow strong
6. Help mother to recover and start the new life
7. Maintain health check ups for every one –